Reseller Program

Choose which services you want to sell - whether you want to sell broadband, wireless, IPTV or a combination of multiple services, [current-domain:name] has a programme to fit resellers of all types & sizes, including international entities looking to offer services in the US.


  • Drive traffic to our retail website with your affiliate link & get paid!
  • Hayai handles all subscriber billing and support.
  • You'll be paid a percentage of the activation fee plus a recurring commission every month for as long as the account remains active.
  • Customer source is identified for up to 12 months after they first click through your link, so you'll still get credit even if they don't buy straight away.


  • Minimum spend $1,000 per month
  • Co-brand with wired networks, use your own branding with wireless networks.
  • Set your own prices for broadband and wireless plans.
  • Create custom wireless plans (may vary by network).
  • You are first point of contact for all subscriber interactions (including monthly payments & support tickets).
  • Customers are 100% yours & have to come to you to pay their bill (whether online or offline), so you make money on each new activation plus the difference between our wholesale price and your retail price for ALL bill payments for the life of the account.
  • Access our white-labeled reseller portal with your own subdomain ( - upload your own logo and customize the color scheme) or use our links & APIs to connect your own website to our systems for subscriber & order management, support tickets, activations, management functions, reports and more.
  • Custom support options available (optional extras include branding, 24x7 helpdesk, 24x7 activations, IVR and more).

To Apply for a Reseller License please complete all questions and provide required verification / authorization documents.

Apply to be a Reseller